New Outcomes First Group Frameworks published

Our Outcomes Framework creates a shared understanding of the differences we make as a whole organisation – no matter how big or how small. It creates the context of why we do what we do and it helps us to work in a unified way, with a shared understanding of what we can achieve together.

It puts the people we support at the heart of our delivery. Built around a series of aspirational ‘I’ statements, the Framework ensures that we view outcomes first and foremost from the perspective of those we care for and educate.

The Framework begins with our dedicated teams, highlighting how their co-ordinated approach benefits the people we support every day. We then draw on a robust platform of monitoring and measurement tools, personalised for the needs of each individual, to understand the ongoing effect of this delivery – the outputs of our work. Together these outputs combine to create a picture of the ongoing progress being made by each adult or child, the real and meaningful impact we have on their lives – our outcomes.

Find out more about why we have created the framework, how the frameworks are delivered and the importance of ensuring long term outcomes for the people we support: