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Our Outcomes Frameworks

Our Outcomes Frameworks articulate the true value of our services, building a shared understanding of the real difference we make to the people we support.

Why create an Outcomes Framework for the group?

Outcomes First Group provides residential care and education services, with the aim of supporting and empowering individuals with a variety of needs. We aim to make a difference to the lives of those that we support, helping each to achieve positive outcomes and fulfil their potential.

The Outcomes Frameworks are crucial to the vision for Outcomes First Group, putting the individuals we support, their progress and aspirations at the heart of all we do.

Our Outcomes Frameworks identify and articulate what this means, beginning with the core aspirations that run through all of our services. By linking what we do every day to the real and meaningful impact we have on the lives of the people we support, it creates the context of why we do, what we do.

Instrumental to the frameworks is our clinical team, who work alongside our care and education teams to develop a shared understanding of the skills, resources and practices in place, ensuring that we deliver the highest quality provision and maximise each person’s outcomes. Our evidence informed models are based on best practice guidance and are governed through our Outcomes First Group governance framework to ensure the effective provision of clinical services throughout the organisation.

Ultimately our Outcomes Frameworks aim to improve the quality and efficiency of evidence based care which allows us to work towards maximising quality of life in a truly integrated manor. The frameworks ensure that we have a robust understanding of strengths and weaknesses which are then transferred into meaningful educational and residential information to achieve the best possible outcomes for every individual.

How are the Frameworks delivered?

The Outcomes Frameworks harnesses key performance indicators to evidence and demonstrate how our services work towards each of the outcomes and therefore the overarching impact made by Outcomes First Group as a whole.

Built around a series of aspirational ‘I’ statements, such as ‘I make decisions about my life’ and ‘I am able to form and maintain relationships’, the Frameworks put the people we support at the heart of our delivery by ensuring outcomes are viewed first and foremost from their perspective.

Outcomes First Group is about remarkable individuals – those that we support, their families and our team of people that form the foundations of our services. While a holistic view is vital, it is also important that the Frameworks have the flexibility to recognise the uniqueness of each service and to celebrate the impact on individual lives.

To do this each of our teams work within the Frameworks to determine how the inspirational ‘I’ statements are best interpreted and measured locally, capturing and evidencing the success of their own delivery and achievements. 

What exactly are Outcomes?

To define our Outcomes, it is first important to distinguish between outcomes and outputs.

Typically, outputs are short-term achievements and the hard measures of a service’s delivery that are frequently monitored, such as school attendance or a GCSE attainment. Conversely there is a possibility that soft measures are overlooked as small steps that people take towards achieving their goals such as accessing the local community or re-engaging with education.

All of these accomplishments are very-much bespoke to the individual and their goals and are personal achievements that together contribute to the quality of that person’s day-to-day life.

Outcomes are the longer-term impact created by the combined effect of the outputs of our work – demonstrable behaviour changes in the individuals that live and learn with us.

Why are long-term outcomes so important?

There are many reasons why long-term outcomes are important to those who access our services and those who choose to commission them, a key one being that they focus on going beyond day-to-day delivery standards, to ensure that we provide the people that we support with greater life opportunities to fulfil their potential.

We understand how we can change the lives of the individuals we support and their families for the better through the changes, benefits and learnings that result from our actions.

Children’s Outcomes Framework
Adult’s Outcomes Framework
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