There are many ways to achieve better outcomes, and we work hard to develop new approaches and innovative solutions that help improve the lives of our pupils.

This commitment to innovation has led to us harnessing new technology to better serve those we work with.

Over the last year we have introduced QTrobot to many school settings and use him to support our clinical work.  We have also built immersive classrooms within a number of existing schools and committed to building one in every new school we open.

Crucially, our innovative solutions are always integrated with our wider range of services, empowering our teams to deliver the best outcomes in ways that are most appropriate to each individual.

Introducing QTrobot

QTrobot is an innovative assistive tool, designed to enhance learning and support the development of socially empowering life skills for autistic children.

The interactive robot is fun and engaging. It helps increase attention and reduce anxiety, improving learning outcomes for autistic children. Ready to use out of the box, QTrobot embodies a third party in the learning experience, alongside the teacher and the child. The robot asks questions and responds to the child’s selection on a tablet, with verbal and visual prompts, celebrating the correct responses with simple physical movements and facial expressions.

Listen to Ben Reading from Maple Grove School talk about how they use QT:

QTrobot – the friendly face of technology

Immersive Classrooms

We are enhancing learning opportunities for our autistic pupils with the introduction of a new immersive classroom. This latest digital learning innovation offers pupils the opportunity to explore and engage with an interactive virtual environment in a three dimensional space.

The classroom allows teachers to take the children beyond the school walls, to places and experiences that
they may not otherwise ordinarily encounter, in an environment where they feel safe.

We have trialled the technology in a number of locations and are delighted to be rolling them out into all our schools.