We believe in the transformative power of education to enrich lives and create positive change.

Our commitment to sustainability is deeply rooted in our vision to empower neurodivergent individuals to thrive and lead fulfilling lives. We recognise the importance of leveraging our resources, expertise, and national reach to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future for all. Through our services, we aim to unlock the potential of education to enhance the quality of life for generations to come.

Our sustainability efforts are guided by a holistic approach that encompasses several key priorities. We are committed to promoting green initiatives, preserving natural resources, and operating responsibly. As part of our sustainability journey, we are working towards reducing our carbon footprint, embracing sustainable sourcing and raising environmental awareness. Additionally, we prioritise creating opportunities for young people, and cultivate a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Sustainability is not just a goal; it’s a fundamental aspect of how we conduct business and fulfill our mission. By integrating sustainability into every aspect of our operations, we are committed to making a positive impact on society and the planet, today and for generations to come.

Our Vision

We believe that with a great education, every neurodivergent pupil can thrive and make their way in the world.


Our Mission

Every day we improve the lives of our pupils, their families, and local communities through a relentless focus on wellbeing and learning.

Sustainability Initiatives

Our Green Initiatives Program

At Outcomes First Group, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment, and our Green Initiatives program is a key part of that commitment. Through this program, we support environmentally friendly initiatives that aim to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainability.

This program is designed to encourage innovation and creativity in addressing environmental challenges. We allocate dedicated funds exclusively for green initiatives, ensuring that every investment contributes to a greener future for our planet. Whether it’s composting, seed collection, solar panel installation, or converting power sources to greener alternatives, we welcome and support initiatives that align with our values and goals.

Each quarter, we invite applications from individuals and sites across our organisation who share our passion for sustainability. Our committee panel carefully evaluates these proposals, selecting projects that could make a significant impact on our environment. By supporting these initiatives, we aim to inspire positive change and create a lasting legacy for future generations.

Social Responsibility Efforts

At Outcomes First Group, we recognise the profound impact that our actions can have on the individuals and communities we serve. As a leading provider of care and education services, we are deeply committed to making a positive difference in the lives of vulnerable children, young people, and adults.

Our dedication to social impact is woven into the fabric of our organisation, guiding everything we do. Through our Social Initiatives, we are proud to introduce Dream Big Trust, our grant-giving charity established in the Summer of 2020. Dream Big Trust embodies our mission to create opportunities for growth, learning, and empowerment, ensuring that everyone we support has the chance to reach their full potential. Together, with the support of our partners, stakeholders, and the wider community, we are making a meaningful difference and building a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

Ethical Business Practices

At Outcomes First Group, ethical business practices are at the core of everything we do. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and responsible conduct across all aspects of our operations. From providing exceptional standards of care to prioritising the well-being and development of our employees, we strive to make a positive impact on the individuals we serve.

Our dedication to ethical supplier relations and environmental responsibility reflects our commitment to being a responsible organisation. Led by our values, we aim to build trust, foster transparency, and create value for all stakeholders.
At Outcomes First Group, ethical business practices are not just a commitment but a way of life, guiding our decisions and actions every day.