Welcome to our new website

Welcome to the Outcomes First Group brand new website.

In March 2016 Hillcrest and Options services merged under Outcomes First Group.

These two highly regarded groups merged, expanding the geographic reach as well as the range and diversity of services the group offers.

Following a review of the group’s care and education services, we decided to move forward under three operating divisions, Options; Specialising in children’s and adult autism, complex needs and learning disabilities and Hillcrest; Specialising in the Looked After Children (LAC) population and social, emotional and mental health needs and a fostering division.

As a combined group we are now supporting people commissioned by over 100 different local authorities.

The merging of Options and Hillcrest has allowed the group to increase the service we offer in both the provision of children’s homes with education and the support of adults with autism and learning difficulties. Currently 92% of all our services are rated Good, Outstanding or Fully Compliant by the respective registering body, this is against a national backdrop of around 65%.

We have reconfigured our website to reflect the changes and to improve the interface of them. At the same time we  have taken the opportunity to refresh our image.

We hope you will see these changes positively as we further strengthen our offering to provide high quality, outcomes focussed specialised services to those who require them.