Outcomes First Group support Safer Internet Day this February

Tuesday 9th February marks Safer Internet Day and Outcomes First Group are proudly showing their support for the event by helping to raise awareness of the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people within our care and across our schools.

Co-ordinated by the UK Safer Internet Centre, this year the theme is ‘An internet we trust – exploring reliability in the online world’. It will focus on supporting young people to question what they are viewing online to help make the digital world into a safe place.

Young people will be asked to explore how persuasion and influence can impact the decisions they make and what they decide to share online. The aim is to give young people the skills to challenge what they see, support each other and develop strategies to recognise and speak out against harmful and misleading content in the digital world.

The Safer Internet Centre have a whole host of resources on their website for all to get involved:

Educational Resources – these fantastic educational packs have been written by educational experts and adapted for a rage of age groups, including 3-7, 7-11, 11-14 and 14-18 years old. These include lesson plans, activities, assemblies and more.

Top Tips – these tips provide guidance for young people to stay safe online and are categorised into age appropriate categories.

Videos– a selection of short videos are hosted online for young people, as well as for parents and carers, exploring trust and reliability online and how to make the internet a safer place.

Get Creative – we’ll be asking our young people to get creative and use the ‘Internet We Trust’ template to fill in their thoughts about how we know what to trust and what questions we should ask to ensure it is a reliable source of information.

We recognise the vital importance of keeping young people safe online and we are proud to be supporting this year’s Safer Internet Day – we look forward to seeing everyone get involved and produce lots of fantastic resources to stay safe online. Keep an eye on our social media pages!

For more information on Safer Internet Day, please click here.