Supporting Young People during COVID-19

As the COVID crisis continues to impact families across the globe, we want to ensure that our parents, carers, children and young people are prepared for upcoming disruptions and challenges. Outcomes First Group are working closely with Britannica, and together we have identified gaps in the support available for young people. In addition to your group-wide access to Britannica Digital Learning, Britannica’s Educational Specialists have developed a range of guides to fill in these gaps!

Supporting Remote Learning
A key challenge during this pandemic has been maintaining a continuity of learning, as well as keeping children engaged amidst distractions of home life. Family engagement has become a primary source of support and encouragement over the past year. In response, Britannica reached out to an award-winning author and Early Learning Specialist to share guidance on the best approach to remote learning. Presented in a Home Learning eBook as a downloadable, you can access tips and advice on using Britannica School outside of school, as well as a range of activities at different levels.

Download the Home Learning eBook here


Tackling Fake News

Since the pandemic unfolded, it has been widely noted that children and young people are spending an unprecedented amount of time online. Naturally inquisitive about Coronavirus and current global issues, Britannica stepped up to play a critical role when encountering misinformation online. To address this issue, we have created a guide to inform students, foster families, and educators on digital literacy and included tasks that will encourage children to spot the differences between a reliable and unreliable source.

Download our guide to ‘Tackling Coronavirus Talk and Fake News




Promoting mental health and mindfulness
It was inevitable that kids going back to school after months of home learning were going to experience nervousness and anxiety. The first school term has proven challenging, with various disruptions and new processes which have stressful for most young people. As a result of this, Britannica created a booklet full of expert advice on dealing with anxiety, including downloadable activities for home use on the topics of mental health and wellbeing.

Download the Raising Resilient Kids document