Options Kinsale achieve Woodland Trust Green Tree Award

The Woodland Trust Green Tree Award is an initiative that encourages and inspires students to learn about the outdoors and the world’s wildlife, trees and woods.

The schools completing the award scheme have to complete a number of environmental activities, achieving points which equal to bronze, silver and gold levels.

The people we support at Options Kinsale had a great time taking part in a range of activities and learning about our environment:

The activities included:

  • Taking pictures of different flowers, plants and trees to view the environment from more than one point of view and discuss and demonstrate what they learnt through the photography.
  • ‘Have tea with a tree’ – for this activity, the people we support took a picnic into the woodland to enjoy, understand and experience the environment.
  • Following a walk through the wood, the people we support used art to creatively express how the woodland made them feel and what they could see, smell and hear.
  • The young people took part in an assembly story project about ‘The Man Who Planted Trees’ – this is about a man who planted thousands of acorns in France, transforming the area and the lives of the people who lived there. The book demonstrated how a person’s actions could make such a difference to the environment and those living there.

Options Kinsale received a bronze and silver certificate and finally achieved the golden award for all their efforts in helping the people we support understand about our environment and the importance of it. They received a plaque to be displayed at the school. Well done!

To learn more about the Award scheme, please see more details here.