Case Study – Hillcrest Shifnal School Supporting Transitions to Mainstream Provision

J joined Hillcrest Shifnal School as a Year five student after exclusion from two mainstream provisions and an unsuccessful period in a local Pupil Referral Unit.

On arrival, there was very little understanding of J’s needs, with a statement highlighting Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs.

Initial assessments demonstrated a high level of need in relation to literacy. Joint work with Hillcrest’s Educational Psychologist suggested a diagnosis of specific literacy difficulties and intervention was put in place to support J’s needs.

J made excellent academic, social and emotional progress and an incredibly successful transition from primary to secondary, enjoying the new found responsibility it gave him.

Shortly after his transition to secondary, events in J’s life led to him becoming a ‘Looked after Child’.

Close liaison between J’s Tutor and Foster Carers meant that J continued to thrive in school and began developing friendships in his local community, this led to J feeling he was ready to transition to his local mainstream provision.

Due to J’s academic, social and emotional progress, it was felt by Hillcrest Shifnal School that J could be incredibly successful within a mainstream provision; via the annual review process a move was sought.

Initially J’s local mainstream provision felt they could not meet the needs of J. To further support his application, Hillcrest Shifnal School had J re-assessed by their Educational Psychologist and a full report of J’s Social, Emotional and Academic progress was provided. Once this report was completed, J was accepted within his nearest mainstream provision and transitioned via a number of day visits supported by his tutor. He quickly felt ready to commence a full time-table.

Hillcrest Shifnal School are very proud of J and the progress he has made; J is due to sit his GCSE’s this year and greatly enjoys his new school.

J and his foster carers keep in frequent contact with Hillcrest Shifnal School and J has fond memories of his time spent there.

Hillcrest Shifnal School is an independent specialist school, run by Hillcrest and part of Outcomes First Group. The school provides education, care and therapeutic services to children aged 7 to 19 with social, emotional and mental health difficulties.

The school is committed to empowering individuals to learn, achieve and succeed and has supported four students move into mainstream provisions within the last two academic years.

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