Eco-Schools Baston House

Baston House School is making good progress on its journey to getting our first ever award from Eco-Schools England.
As part of the programme, schools must establish an Eco-Committee (essentially a school council for sustainability) and we are pleased to say that this term, we held our first ever meeting.
The committee must be formed primarily of learners, and we had representatives from across the school, both Primary and Secondary. We were also glad to be joined by teaching and other staff from across the school, including the Principal Mr Kistan, our Office Manager Christine, Marleen from the Therapy team and last but not least, Mr Ron,
our Premises Manager. Having such a broad range of staff and learners means that our journey to sustainability will be that much stronger. Everyone has a say!

During the meeting, we discussed and drew-up designs for the Eco-Committee logo (winner tbc). We also talked about what sustainability is, and what it means to individual people.

Future committee meetings will focus on different environmental issues facing our school community and the wider world, for example energy saving, and how to improve biodiversity in the school grounds.
We are very excited about the potential of the committee to make positive changes to the school and the surrounding community.

Cai Draper