Independent Living Learners Success

This year at Baston House School our independent living leaners have gained credits towards their entry pathway accreditation in a number of areas. Planning a journey, choice and decisions, food preparations and serving, and animal care are all units that are helpful in ensuring our learners are becoming more prepared for life outside of Baston House.

We are also thrilled with the progress made by our GCSE cohort, 100% of our Maths entries obtained a GCSE foundation result, with 60% achieving a C grade. In English 60% of our learners obtained accreditation, which is a brilliant achievement considering the amount of coursework that was needed to obtain this result.

We celebrated all of our learner success in December by hosting a celebration evening. Both learners and parents were invited. During the evening learners were formally presented their examination certificates by myself, and we enjoyed an amazing drum performance on the night from Irah Vaughan!

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Year 10, 11, and post-16 learners at Baston House School, they have made us extremely proud, and of those that have graduated from school in year 11 100% have gone on to access college courses.

Charmaine Ayisi, Head of Secondary