Bradley’s Story

Bradley (Meadowcroft School)

Bradley arrived at Meadowcroft School in Wakefield in June 2018 after not attending or receiving any form of education since February 2017. He struggled with his speech due to his delayed language development and having a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), which often made it difficult for him to communicate or maintain positive relationships with his peers.

Prior to joining Meadowcroft, Bradley could only speak using short simple sentences. These were predominantly focused on communicating his needs. He often used just two or three words to communicate, was being bullied by his peers, and generally had negative relationships with adults.

Productive and positive change

On arrival at Meadowcroft, Bradley immediately made a productive and positive start, soon demonstrating enjoyment in attending school.

His attendance subsequently rose to 97%, coming after a long period of absence from any form of education. His parents say Bradley now wakes up every morning looking forward to going to school and he is not as anxious or unhappy as he was previously.

Bradley’s sense of humour and unique personality were clear from the outset, and he managed to develop positive relationships with both peers and staff, to the extent that he has made new friends with whom he regularly plays and socialises.

His communication skills have developed significantly, and Bradley can now hold a conversation using long sentences.

We can understand him much easier now. He talks in sentences and not just single words, so we can have many conversations with him about how his day has been.”

Bradley’s mother in conversation with a teaching assistant at Meadowcroft School.