Options Higford student uses his creative flair to construct an excellent shelving unit for his room

This week, one of the students at Options Higford School completed the construction of a fantastic shelving unit for his music system in his bedroom, made completely from scratch.

The project was completed over a four week period, all the way from planning to completion, with the help of Stuart and Ade, his Learning Support Assistants and the Lower Bush Farm Staff, where he completed the shelves.

During the project, he learned how to safely use the tools and although verbally prompted to focus on certain aspects of the task, the shelving was independently designed and driven by the student.

The person we support said that whilst completing the task, he found it very relaxing and would like to do it more often as an enjoyable leisure activity. He also added that he’d quite like to do this as a career when he leaves school.

After completing the shelves, he proudly transported them back to Options Higford from Lower Bush Farm and they now stand in pride of place in his bedroom.

Graham Norris, Head of Service at Options Higford commented: “This is a great example of supporting a student to develop their interests and let them run with it, whilst at the same time helping him to develop important life skills in a community setting.

“The young person has been with us for four years and I and the team here are so proud of his achievement and the progress he has made as an individual.

“He has worked so hard on this shelving unit and I’m sure his work will inspire many other young people with autism. Huge well done to him!”