Bugsy Malone Performance at Baston

Baston House School celebrates the success of their latest production of Bugsy Malone.

From writing the script to rehearsing the show, there were a few hairy moments and a few unforeseen last minute changes that had me holding my breath at times.

But the learners performed beautifully and the school hall was full of smiling faces and a great time was had by all! And – at the end of the day – that’s really what matters most.

As with all our productions, staff and learners performed very well together and – with the team supporting me with production preparation – we managed to pull off a unique version of Bugsy Malone.

Although there was no actual cream pie throwing, there were tissue paper pies and much fun was had spraying each other with guns made in DT by the learners that cleverly hid cans of silly string.

The performance showcased some great Acting, dancing and singing and it’s wonderful to have helped to nurture young talent. Ella sang beautifully and who could forget Elliot as Tallulah. Tommy did a great job as Fat Sam and Lewis S delivered some heart stopping ad libs.

A big shout out needs to go to Clement for his dancing! Well done Dan C and Henry T for smooth running of the sound system!

As with all our performances, we like to round the day off with a buffet, this time an
American style one to continue the theme. All the food was prepared by learners and staff in-house.

With lights, sound, sequins, and more than the odd feather bower it was, as always, a pleasure to perform with our lovely learners and fellow colleagues.

Well done Baston House School, you’ve surpassed your selves again and made us all very
Fiona Treadaway