Baston House School Community Outreach lunch

Staff and young people at Baston House School wanted to treat some special older members of our local community to a splendid lunch of the best of British foods served by some of our lovely learners.

Some of the residents of Southmore Court Sheltered housing came to visit for our lunch.
They firstly spent some time with the learners and therapy dogs. Then
they were serenaded by our talented singer Ella who gave them a sneak preview of what to look forward to in our next production of Bugsy Malone.

They then sat down to a delicious lunch with a choice of four types of pie, with creamy mash and vegetables cooked with fresh herbs from the Schools cottage

Over Cake with fresh strawberries and cream, or trifle, they chatted with our learners and
shared stories old and new. They also swapped cooking tips and one
gentleman – Joe – showed his medals from the Second World War to some
very interested learners.

Our learners really did make us proud!

They took care of our visitors, were incredibly helpful and genuinely
enjoyed spending time with their guests. We have invited them to join us
for the upcoming Production and they are really looking forward to it!

Fiona Treadaway & Belinda Hopkins
Independent Living