We’re trialling a 4 day work week

At Outcomes First Group we’re moving more than 1,000 of our 5,500 strong workforce to a 4 day week with no loss of pay in the UK’s first national trial.

Commenting on the new trial, David Leatherbarrow, our CEO said “Delivering great outcomes and positive futures to the children and adults who we educate and care for, sits at the centre of everything we do, as does the consistency of the support we provide. We have empowered local leaders to implement carefully structured timetables to ensure our exceptional level of care and support is well-maintained.  Microsoft Japan reported a 40% increase in productivity when workers switched to a 4 day week. I believe that colleagues benefiting from a better work-life balance will be more productive. “Supporting the welfare and mental health of our workforce – 70% of which are women – has always been a priority for me.”

Read the full press release here.