World Autism Awareness Week

To celebrate World Autism Awareness Week we are shining the spot light on one of our young people!

A lives at our Hampshire home, Hillcrest Hayling Island and goes to school at Hillcrest Jubilee School.
A has been part of the Hayling family for 4 years. He lives in a 2 bed annex with another young person who also has autism. They get along with one another and sometimes spend time together.

A likes to be indoors where the home offers him a real sense of security.

A enjoys practical things such as making model aeroplanes and boats and displaying them in his room. They don’t always last long, as A takes out his frustrations on them!

During his time with us A has made gradual progress, his communication has improved and we have reduced the number of crisis incidents. A attends Jubilee a nearby Hillcrest school. He started going for 1 hour a day but this has now increased to a full day. A huge accomplishment for A.

The home has a weekly visit from a therapist, who not only supports A when needed, but also A’s key worker. The therapist will discuss and advise on how to manage him on a daily basis.

Home Manager Bret Noades had this to say; “We like having A here, he keeps everyone on their toes. It’s very rewarding for staff when he has a good day. He’s a joy to be around.”


Kate Aceña, Referrals & Marketing Officer