Writing Competition


Earlier this year we launched an engaging and educational competition for all the children in our care to participate in during lockdown. We invited all budding JK Rowlings, David Walliams’ and Julia Donaldsons to write and send us a short story around one of the following themes:

– Lockdown
– Being Happy
– My Dream

The competition not only helped parents and carers by providing the children in their care with a fun and creative project to participate in, but it also offers a solid link to the Ofsted framework on writing and supports the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish writing curriculums.

The winners for each category including the judges’ comments are listed below, as well as links through to the winning entries for you to read each of the entries:

young girl writing

5-8 year old’s – Lauran was our Judge for this round.


1st place – ‘L’ and her ‘Black Lives Matter’ piece

“I really loved the strong message of kindness and support that we all need during current times. This young lady made great use of colour and shape to make her piece really eye-catching. This helped to put the message across very powerfully. I loved the phrase ‘light the world with happiness’ and I’m sure that with young ladies like this, we are on our way to doing just that. Well done!”

Read L and her ‘Black Lives Matter’ piece here

2nd place – Why did lockdown start?

“I enjoyed reading this piece and the optimism that the virus would pass and that good times were ahead for us all. It was interesting to hear what Reuben had been up to during lockdown and I particularly liked reading about making an ants’ nest – that sound like great fun. Well done with this piece of writing Reuben – and feel free to send us any further updates!”

Read Why Did Lockdown Start here

Runners Up 

EB’s Story


young girl writing

8-11 year old’s – Angela was our Judge for this round.


“It has been a real privilege to read all the submissions for this age group and every one of the young writers should be congratulated on their efforts. You have done something truly remarkable, even if it didn’t result in a prize, you have made yourself just a little bit better, a little bit more interesting, a little bit more brave by committing to paper your thoughts, feelings or imaginings. Keep writing – it is an excellent way of making sense of the world around you and communicating to others.”

1st place – Born Wrong

“What made this the stand out 1st place for this category was the powerful message within the plea made by the writer, writing on behalf of those who find themselves ‘in care’, to anyone involved in their lives: from professionals, to foster families, even their birth families. I was incredibly moved by the emotion the writer conveyed, and yet they didn’t reveal lots of personal information; the beauty of the writing is in its instructions, a reminder to all of us that our children and young people do not choose the family they are born into. This piece should don the walls of every service!”

Read Born Wrong here

2nd place – Being Happy

“This piece is short and sweet and will make you smile! It is a lovely reminder that doing kind deeds is one of the most powerful ways of connecting with other humans and making us feel happy. I’m off to perform a random act of kindness and have my heart tickled!”

Read Being Happy here

3rd place – Lockdown Life of a Sloth, read here.

Runners Up

The Story of Covid

My Dreams: Robot 

My Happy Roblox Life

The Best Video Ever!

Living in Space

My Family

When will it end?

A Lockdown Story 

My Dreams: Chloe the Jazz singer

My Dream: The scuba divers

My dreams

My Dream: The big future for Callum

Jake’s Dreams Come True

Was it a dream or not? By LG

The Adventures of Emily and Jacob

Bob is Evil by OB

Bruce’s Dream by TJ

How to avoid bad people

Generation lockdown

teenage boy writing

12-15 year old’s – Sarah was our Judge for this round.


1st place – My ‘Dream’

“This piece contained really imaginative use of vocabulary; the description really made me feel present in the piece and elicited a sense of chaos and panic. I was also impressed with the use of punctuation.”

Read My ‘Dream’ here

2nd place – Collin-Covid

“Collin-Covid presented a really imaginative response to coronavirus, and I particularly enjoyed the sense of redemption and the happy ending the story gave. I only hope it comes true. The sentence structure here was excellent and the writer created a clear tone in just a few”

Read Collin-Covid here

Runners Up

The boy who had a dream

My Dream by AB

My dream by SK

Mentos Moments

Lockdown in the eyes of a cat

My Dream – By L

Summer-Chan by ED

My dream by KM

The Secret of Happiness by AB

AB Entry

Where Has She Gone?

The Red Box

My Lockdown Story by LW

My recent dream

My life in lockdown

Lockdown and how it has affected me

Dream by AL