Residential Success Stories

We work in partnership with a range of authorities, agencies and organisations to meet the specific needs of all people in our care.

What you can expect from our homes   

A strong, safeguarding culture can be seen throughout each of our residential homes across the UK.

It’s important to us that the people we care for feel that they are being heard, respected and involved in decision making relating to their care and wider life choices. Therefore, we endeavour to make sure each of our homes offer the same high-quality support and care, and that they become a platform for personal growth and independence.

Space and privacy for each resident is paramount, which is why we select homes that provide enough room for everyone living there. Everyone has their own bedroom, while staff have their own sleeping area and separate office, ensuring that each home is focused on the needs of the people we care for, without anybody feeling overwhelmed or overcrowded.

Building communal skills and long-term relationships

Encouraging healthy life choices from a home-away-from-home style setting, those living in our homes feel inspired to learn positive social skills and embrace new opportunities, made possible by living alongside peers and their assigned key workers.

A focus on stability and consistency ensures that residents are able to build healthy and lasting relationships with their key workers, thereby ensuring that we are able to deliver the best care possible.

Our residential care staff actively instil a spirit of respect and courtesy within our homes, which then translates into the child or adult being able to express their uniqueness and individuality without fear or judgement.

“I smile so much now. I never used to really smile at all. I still do get angry occasionally but if I do, I know how to deal with that feeling in an appropriate way.”

Rob, Acorn Education & Care resident

Life enhancing opportunities and constant support

Because all of our homes are based in safe, communal areas with lots for them to do outside of the home, they can be free to fully embrace the communities in which they live within appropriate boundaries.

We also recognise that there will be times when those in our care will go through personal struggles. Our teams are always on hand to ensure that they are constantly supported throughout the more difficult periods, and in turn will always celebrate achievements in the face of these hardships.

We are also realistic about the progress our residents make and plan their care around making incremental steps towards improved futures.


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