Our Vision, Mission and Values

We’re serious about our responsibility to the vulnerable children, young people and adults we educate and care for. That’s why our vision, mission and values are so important to us. They’re at the heart of our culture, and we live and breathe them every day.


Our Vision

This is our aspirational statement – a rallying call that declares what we want to be. Its what we want everyone in the Outcomes First Group family to feel when they get out of bed each morning.

We will build incredible futures by empowering vulnerable children, young people and adults in the UK to be happy and make their way in the world.

Our vision emphasises how we try to help all vulnerable children, young people and adults – those in our care and others too – through our influence, size and scale.

Most importantly, its about helping each individual to be happy, encouraging them to understand their place in society and empowering them to work out how theyre going to make their way in the world. While we cant physically do this for them, we can and do act as guides to their futures.

Our Mission

In line with our vision, our mission outlines how we aim to turn our statement of intent into reality. It embodies who we are and what we do.

We exist to improve the lives of those we educate and look after, their families and communities through a relentless focus on learning and caring.

Our mission makes clear that we dont only support children, young people and adults by assisting with their education and care, but also their families and the communities in which they live.

Our Values

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One Team

Outcomes First Group is a family, and we are all in this together. We support each other in everything we do, inspiring each other to achieve the incredible futures that everyone deserves. Together, we share ideas and opinions as we strive to make sure our services are the best they can be.

As new schools, fostering agencies and homes join the Outcomes First Group family, we approach each integration with our ‘One Team’ mind-set, which encompasses all our colleagues, foster carers and other key stakeholders. As one united team, we’re immensely proud of our continuing work to deliver on our promises and make positive changes.

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Dream Big

When we aspire to achieve amazing outcomes, and support the children, young people and adults that we care for to share their ideas, along with our Outcomes First Group colleagues, we help everyone attain their best possible future. Through dreaming big, we build genuinely fulfilling lives.

  • Make positive changes
  • Aspire and achieve
  • Be ambitious
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Be Inclusive

The people around us matter. From the vulnerable children, young people and adults we educate and look after, to the teams we work with each day, we treat everyone with consideration and respect. When we care for each other, and value equality and diversity in our workplace, we create the conditions in which incredible futures can be built.

  • Value diversity
  • Create safe, nurturing environments
  • Care about each other and what we do
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Open and Honest

Be fair and transparent. Do the right thing. Be respectful.

We are proud of the amazing outcomes we achieve, and we believe that working openly and honestly is the only way to succeed in what we do. In all the decisions we come to and the actions we take, we are fair and transparent, always doing the right thing and behaving responsibly every step of the way.

  • Be fair and transparent
  • Do the right thing
  • Be respectful
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Deliver Promises

We deliver on our promise to the vulnerable children, young people and adults in our care, and to their parents and guardians too. That’s why we encourage everyone in the Outcomes First Group family – from senior managers to colleagues working in their first role – to take responsibility, implement best practice, and deliver the highest standards of care, education and other services.

  • Be accountable
  • Take responsibility
  • Be committed

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